Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Peter & Paul Opportunity

As a class we were told that there was an opportunity to work with Peter & Paul on the college prospectus as a paid intern. It would be great to have a big budget publication piece in my portfolio therefore I decided to go for it.

The instructions of how to apply for the job are below

Send two pieces of work to Andrew Craske and answer the questions below:

1) Why would you like to work with Peter & Paul on the College prospectus?
2) How would you improve the prospectus this year?
3) What are the challenges of producing the College prospectus?
4) Tell us something else about yourself!

Interviews will take place between 10am-12.30pm on Tuesday 27th May.

This is the email I sent

Hi Andrew

I am emailing to apply for the Peter & Paul opportunity regarding the college prospectus.

1. Firstly I have enjoyed the new college rebrand this year as it is refreshing to see an establishment like Leeds College Of Art step forward with a contemporary identity. What I was most impressed with was that they took elements from the heritage of the mosaic logo and gave it a fresh new look. Furthermore my main interests lay between branding and print, two strong examples of what Peter & Paul do so I feel that I could fit in with them quite well. I also have a love for editorial design and often make my own publications. Finally I am coming to the end of my degree at Leeds college of art, therefore it would be great to have a project to a large scale in my portfolio as there is a budget to play with beyond anything I have ever done in the past.

2. I would improve the prospectus by thinking beyond just a printed publication. Every year thousands of students collect stacks of prospectus's only to throw them all away. Maybe there could be an ethical route to go down when it comes to designing it. The main challenge is to make something stand out from the crowd, that hits a certain target audience. Leeds college of art is an art school, maybe it needs to be something playful and tactile.

3. The challenges of producing a college prospectus is fitting in with the current brand guidelines of the college. Another thing I would have to be aware (due to recent experience of working on a year book) is that Leeds college of art is full of individuals, with individual opinions. You can't please everyone but you have to fit the right balance.

4. Finally something about me! I am Eve, a third year graphic design student about to graduate in June. As a designer I have a passion for print, branding and curation. In April I co-curated my first exhibition at the Corn Exchange which was well received and was posted to the Creative Review blog. The exhibition proved that I can work independently and organise a project that is to a large scale. Outside of design I love music and you can often find me down at Brudenell Social Club attending many of the local gigs.

You can find my work attached or alternatively you can view my website at www.evewarren.com

I supplied some images from my portfolio.


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