Monday, 26 September 2011

Study Task 2 - What Is Graphic Design - Part 1

Graphic design is to inform and communicate however it covers many different areas throughout todays visual culture. This blog post will show a broad range of examples of contexts, functions, media, messages and scales of graphic design. 

Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design appearing in different contexts

1. Packaging.

When putting Graphic design into different contexts I believe packaging would be one of them. Packaging is everyone, some examples are bad and some are exstremly creative. The packing below is for a whine company, I love how they have marketed and photographed the product.

2. Infographics

Info graphics are very interesting too because Graphics is all about communicating and eve the most driest of information can be made to engage with good design. 

3. Web design

Web design is also pushing design everyday due to the ever expanding scale of the world wide web. The web pages below show interesting photography and creative use of space when setting out the type.

4. Visual merchandising/ shop window displays 

Shop window displays also lets designers play around with different contexts of advertising. If it wasnt for visual merchandising, shops would not sell half as much as they do now.


5. Identity

Identity is also at the for front in graphics, and creative identity helps a brand stand out and make a name for itself.  

Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design performing different functions

1. Signs - Inform/Instruct

Signage is very simple but also can be VERY effective. Signs should only need one glance to set a message across, this is helped with colour, shape and scale. As you can see below, there is never more than one or two colours and the shape and scales of the imagery is very simple.

2. Warn/shock campaigns

Graphic design plays a very important role when it comes to ad campaigns for the government and various charities. Some of these campaigns are released to warn and shock the general public by making them aware of certain issues such as health.

3. Ethical Advertising 

4. Protect 

Packaging is important as a function in graphic design because many goods need the support and protection when being transported. 

5. Self promotion

Many businesses struggle to function without self promotion so things like business cards are very effective because they have all the basic information a customer needs to know. Below are some very creative examples that also interact with the viewer.

Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design delivering different types of messages

1. Creative Facts

Creative typography can be used to portray many different meanings and messages.

2. Religion 

Society needs graphic design to help spread messages, especially religion!

3. Propaganda messages

The government needed propaganda and other forms of visual media to help communicate messages to the public during the war. 

4. Card Design

Graphic design can help us send softer messages out to the people we love and care about by using something as simple as a card.

5. Graffiti

Graffiti gives and recieves many mized messages and not all are good! The graffiti to me that does stand out is there for a purpose and can give off influential messages. 

Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design produced using different media

1. Paper typography

Yulia Brodskaya works with type and image by cutting and curling up bits of paper.

2. Editorial design 

Editorial design ranges from magazines to newspapers and uses layout to set out information and imagery.

3. Neon 

You can make typography out of just about anything, and neon is quite an effect media to work with becuase you can experiment with shape and lighting effects.

4. Creative Album cover/art

Album sleeves are quite a big interest of mine, below are some examples I found on the Behance Network. I have not listened to the music but I liked the designs and how different they are from eachother.

5. Tshirt design

Tshirts and other means of clothing are influenced by graphic design. In this case I have found some geeky CMYK tshirts on Bigcartel.

Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design produced at different scales

1. 3D Pop up advertising

Graphic design can work to many different scales and I feel that people should use this and be creative with it. Below are some images of a pop up advertisment for a air freshener, I love the bright colours and shapes used in the crafting. 

2. Large scale billboards

Billboards are one of the largest scales you can work with in graphics. Below are some clever and funny ways of communicating a message.

3. Stamp design

On the opposite end of the scale, stamp design is a interesting type of design practise. The really attractive and effective designs are usually very simple and use a limited colour pallet. 

4. Poster design

Posters come in the middle of the scales in graphics and are often found in many various locations, for example at a bus stop.

5. Web viewing scales

Due to the rapid use of the web, designers have to think about webviewing scales and how big computer screens are becoming.