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Third Year Proposal Presentation

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Vast : Placement : Design work

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Placement : Vast

I approached Vast at the end of summer and was offered a placement in early September where I did a two week placement. When I first came across Vast, I was really excited about their work. The work I enjoyed was based around a lot of print and editorial design.


Vast is an established design agency which has been at the heart of the fashion industry since 1999. Vast has built it's reputation through working with luxury and heritage brands, creating engaging and successful design solutions.

Selected projects


1 …Like No Other
Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book

Shufti 9

Swim Cycle Run

The diary of a Triathlete

The UK Green Film Festival

Private White
Brand Identity

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thursday, 30 May 2013

OUGD502 : PPP Presentation

Final Business Cards

Here are my mocked up business cards for my creative CV pack and my own personal stationary. Due to it being the end of the year I am short of funds to get them printed professionally, therefore over summer I will work and then order them.

They are very simple, the front displays my logo and the back shows my contact information. I have chosen to have yellow edges to my business cards because it is one my favourite colour and I also use it a lot in my work.

Study Task 8: What is a CV? Part 1

Part 2 - Once you have identified your audience produce a creative cv that you can mail and email to your selected list. This should include your own contact details, a short personal statement, information about your practical skills, creative skills and interests as well as your professional experience, personal qualities and information about what makes you distinct from any other designer.


What is a Creative CV?

A creative CV, is a Curriculum Vitae but for a creative professional who is looking for a job in the creative industry. On the other hand a traditional CV is a formal document which in detail includes your previous records of education and skills. A creative CV is different and we have the freedom to create and play around with the format and experiment and express our creativity. It is important that our CV's express who we are as individuals, this could include samples of work.

Who are you writing it for?

I intend to write my CV for the studios that I have expressed interest in as I want to start getting in touch with them for summer placements. I want the CV to express who I am however at the same time I need to be aware that it could potentially be read by people high up in the studio. This is important therefore I feel it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Who needs to read it? / Who will actually read it?

Initially those in charge of recruiting at the studio will initially read the CV. However it could be passed around the studio, especially if it is a small studio they may all have a say on who get hired. Art directors would also be another person who would read and recruit people via their CV.

What do they need to know?

Email, Telephone
Something about myself, passions and interests
Skill set
Educational Background
Software skills

What do they want to know?
Experience in the industry.
What you could bring to the job.
Software skills

Study Task 8: What is a CV? Part 1

Part 1 - Identify a minimum of 10 designer's, studios or practitioners that you intend to contact with a view to organising a range of studio visits. In doing this you will need a full set of contact details for direct mailing. You will also need to familiarise yourself with their work their clients and the set up of their studio/practice.

Design Studios in Machester

I have family based around Manchester so it would be a good opportunity to apply to places there. Below are a list of studios I intend to get into contact with during the summer.



About : We create effective pieces of design and creative communications, with a focus on craftsmanship and collaboration.

Ours is a simple approach: we take the time to get to know our clients, we do all that we can to understand the people they’re trying to reach, then we take what we know and create memorable, relevant pieces of work.

We look after the people we work with and we like to think that we make the creative process enjoyable for everyone involved.

The ability to deliver good ideas and strong design transcend sectors but most of our work tends to be within sports, health, Corporate Social Responsibility and communications for youthful audiences.

Contact : 

Raw Design Studio
The Engine House
Islington Mill Studios
James StreetSalford, Greater Manchester
M3 5HW

T +44 (0)161 839 2260
F +44 (0)161 880 0367

Design students


Not Now

About : Not Now is a five-strong, deliberately small studio based in Manchester. We solve creative problems in a number of areas; spanning design, film, illustration and anywhere in-between. Started by a common ambition for something bigger, each project is an opportunity to not play safe.

Contact :

+44 (0)7914 301148
Manchester, United Kingdom

Study Task 8: What is a CV? Part 1

Part 1 - Identify a minimum of 10 designer's, studios or practitioners that you intend to contact with a view to organising a range of studio visits. In doing this you will need a full set of contact details for direct mailing. You will also need to familiarise yourself with their work their clients and the set up of their studio/practice.

Design studios near where I live

Due to low funds in the summer I have to consider where I can afford to go. Norwich, Lincoln and Nottingham are three cities near where I live however I still have to consider travel costs.



Maddison Graphic

Website :

About : Maddison Graphicis a UK based studio formed in 2006 by brothers Alfie and Edward Maddison. We design for print, screen, and the environment. Emphasising efficiency and clarity, our work employs a wide range of design disciplines and processes to craft original and tailored projects.

Contact : 

23 Heigham Road, Norwich, NR2 3AT

+44(0)1603 440718



Root Studio

Website :

About: Based in Lincoln, Root Studio is an environmentally aware, multi-disciplined design studio with an experienced team of award winning designers. We create dynamic, innovative and considered solutions for any business from start-ups to larger established organisations. We can work to any budget with anyone in the UK with the same enthusiasm and creative flair. Our combined skills allow us to produce work across any medium including design for print, logos & branding, website design & build, signage and illustration.

Contact : 

01522 528246

The Terrace, Grantham Street, Lincoln. LN2 1BD



Website :

About : At we are constantly striving to provide high quality design and communication services to our clients to enable them to effectively engage with their customers. We maintain a playful yet professional attitude to all the work we produce and hold a core set of values when it comes to our creative direction: an in depth understanding of modern trends, passions for innovation and the ability to intuitively create ideas and offer a professional delivery.

We discover previously unexplored possibilities for our clients and turn them into tangible business results, offering creative direction at a consultancy level to deliver project focus, creative vision, project planning and professional quality control.

We are not just “pretty pictures” creative’s, offering all the style but no substance beyond the initial veneer. We are thinkers, we are dreamers but most importantly we are doers who are relentless when it comes to getting under the skin of our client’s problems. We think like consumers because we are consumers!

Contact :, Sparkhouse studios, Ropewalk, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, East Midlands, LN6 7DQ, UK

07445 835954


Waste Studio

Print & Design studio 

About : 

Who, What and Why?

Waste is an award winning independent creative agency based in Nottingham, UK. We’re a collaborative, diverse, and forward thinking team who have a geniune passion for what we do. We deliver considered and engaging design for a wide range of clients across both the private and public sectors.

We specialise in brand identity, design for print, fashion graphics, illustration, packaging, digital & online, interiors and art direction.

Give us a call to discuss your new project we'd love to hear from you

The Working Day is Never Done!

Keeping fresh and inspired is at the forefront of our studio. We encourage one another to pursue personal and research development projects that allow us to experiment and explore new ideas and techniques that we can then use within our commercial work.

We like to get our hands dirty! so much so we invested time and money in setting up our very own silkscreen & letterpress studio to use as a an outlet for our design work. We enjoy working with the old traditions of these mediums and have quickly became fascinated by the creative potential of the processes and by the ancient skills and ingenious machines employed to make it all happen.

Contact : 

Our studio is located directly opposite the railway station in the heart of Nottingham. Its not only where the graphical magic happens its also a little boutique from which you can buy some of our limited edition work such as silkscreen poster and clothing. The studio is open 9-5 Mon-Fri.

Unit 07
Castle Studios
4 castle Boulevard
Studio: +44 (0)115 941 1447
Direct: +44 (0)7786 070 707

Email :

Study Task 8: What is a CV? Part 1

Part 1 - Identify a minimum of 10 designer's, studios or practitioners that you intend to contact with a view to organising a range of studio visits. In doing this you will need a full set of contact details for direct mailing. You will also need to familiarise yourself with their work their clients and the set up of their studio/practice.


Studios in Leeds

I have to take into account location when it comes to applying for placements and asking for a studio visit because of my lack of money over the summer. I intend to look around Leeds because I will be paying for the house over the summer and it would be silly not to make the effort. Below are some design studios in Leeds that I would be interested in contacting.


Website :

About :  We use design, we use digital, we use art direction, copywriting, and good old fashioned perspiration. We immerse ourselves in culture, taking inspiration from all aspects of life, always looking forward and striving for perfection…

There’s no set style to the way we work – no secret formula, no fancy graphs or charts, no brand onions or carrots or cauliflowers. Each creative idea requires its own mixture of innovative design, strategic thinking, head scratching, chin stroking and super strength coffee. Over the years we’ve collaborated with a wide range of clients, each one with their own unique personalities and individual requirements, but the results have always been the same: We help brands stand out from the ordinary. We help them become extraordinary.


Analogue Creative Ltd City Mills,
Peel Street Leeds,
LS27 8QL

T: +44 (0) 113 341 0330



Website :

About :  UNIT is a diverse graphic design practice based in Leeds LS1 & LS13 founded by Si Billam in 2010. Our work ranges from public art installations and global branding to local government, regeneration projects and music industry art direction. We have built a reputation for producing creative solutions that go beyond the traditional boundaries that graphic design is contained within. Although still in our infancy, our work has already reached across the globe as far as the US and been featured in exhibitions in Europe — most recently at a fringe event to the famous SONAR festival in Barcelona.

Prior to establishing UNIT, Si was a former Senior designer with the world renowned ‘The Designers Republic’ based in Sheffield. His work ranged from rebranding MTV Italy (QOOB), creating global campaigns for Coca-Cola to projects with independent artists, record labels and architects. After his time at tDR he spent 3 years working as Senior Designer & Art Director at Leeds based Vast servicing clients within the arts, fashion, property and regeneration markets. Si’s work on the independent fashion magazine ‘Shufti®’ led to the publication winning both Gold & Silver prizes at the Graphis and SPD awards in New York 2009.

Contact :  If you feel that we could help to breath new life into your brand or project, please get in touch using the contact details below. Alternatively subscribe to our irregular newsletter for updates via electronic mail.

LG3 Studio, 30-34 Aire Street, Leeds LS1 4HT.

+44 (0) 7968 844 061




About : We’re B&W – a design and communications practice based in Leeds. Formed in 2005 by award-winning creative directors Lee Bradley (B) and Steven Wills (W), we’ve become well known for our ability to combine big ideas with meticulous attention to detail – what you might call ‘craft’. Our craft is really important to us. We’ve made it work by staying deliberately small, so we can give each project the attention it deserves. We take the time to understand your challenges in detail, and develop the most compelling and relevant solutions.

The ‘&’ in our name is important, too. It stands for our belief in partnership, collaboration, and making connections – between people and ideas, brands and audiences, design and business. We may be small, but we have big ideas and ambitions: like producing the most engaging, beautifully crafted, and effective work in the world.Yes, world. If you have similar ambitions for your brand, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email, or give us a call.

Contact :

Phone +44 0 113 245 4200
Follow us on Twitter: @bandwstudio

Castleton Mill
Castleton Close
Leeds LS12 2DS
United Kingdom



Website :

About : Passport is a young and independent design bureau founded by Jonathan Finch & Rosalind Stoughton, based in Leeds. Certain destinations and international design culture have informed and influenced our practice which is centred around print-based design for branding, identity and publications.

Our services include:

Creative Direction
Editorial Design
Print Design
Web Design

Contact : 

For all new project enquiries or media requests please email us at:

To speak to us, please call us on:
+44 (0) 7850 981 901

Studio 5, Duke Studios,
1st Floor,
Munro House,
Duke Street ,
Leeds, LS9 8AG
United Kingdom



Webite :

About : 

Qubik is a graphic design studio founded in 2000 by Joe Gilmore. Specialising in typographic-led design for branding, print and digital media, the studio works with a variety of clients in the commercial and cultural sector. Our work includes design for branding, content managed websites, books, catalogues, brochures, posters, leaflets, signage and packaging. In addition to client-based work, the studio initiates and produces independent curatorial and publishing projects which focus on typography and graphic design.

We are very passionate about graphic design. Through developing collaborative relationships with our clients and partners we aim to create original, functional and distinctive work that engages users, satisfies the objectives of the client and meets the high standards and creative innovation that are central to our studio practice.

Contact :

Qubik Design
5 Cricketers Terrace
Leeds, LS12 1ST
United Kingdom

+44 (0)113 226 0839

+44 (0)797 721 5868




Website :


Would you like to be involved with Food&_?

We're looking for foodies, growers, makers, writers, illustrators and photographers interested in contributing to this ongoing project. So if you have a passion for food and fancy sharing with other likeminded folk, let us know. Our aim is to promote the beauty of the food you create and the stories behind them, we've already got a great bunch of people involved and there's plenty of room for you.

Contact : 

Twitter: @foodand_
Instagram: @foodand_

Online Presence

Since first year I felt it was important to build an online web presence, as well as be confident in the work you post. Below show some examples of how I have been promoting myself through the means of the internet.


Behance is a great platform for designers to get their work out there, personally I have had a few emails from people from all over the globe asking for work to put in books, interviews with me or even design work. I am glad I joined as it has boosted my confidence as a designer.


I have ran my own design blog for a few years with regular updates of my work. I enjoy tumblr and I get some great feedback from people around the world.

Personal website via cargo collective

I joined cargo last year and I have edited some of the templates myself using the web design knowledge I learnt in the dreamweaver lessons. I still need to put a lot of work into it out I am glad I have made a start. I also intend to buy a domain name.


How a project looks

Creative CV : Poster Pack

This is a digital mock up of a poster I intend to print and send out to my chosen studios once I have the funds to do so. I am very low on money right now seeing that it is the end of the academic year. I chose to do a fold up poster because it is cost effective and I can show a selection of work in an interesting fold out manner. The back of the poster will display my formal creative CV that lists my skills, industry experience, academic information and contact information.

Studio Visit with Passport

I have been following Passport for a while now and I think I would benefit visiting them, seeing that they graduated from BAGD last year, and started their own studio. I intend to take my portfolio and ask for advice about the third year.  They kindly invited me to come along next Friday.

My email to Passport

Their response

Creative CV

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

FOOD AND : Submission

Today I submitted some photography for a new local online food journal in Leeds. I submitted what I designed for Feast.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OUGD502: PPP Briefing

Study Task 10

Produce and present a 10 minute Powerpoint/pdf presentation (including 2 minutes for questions) that communicates a reflective summary of your experiences on the course to date. You should aim to reflect on who you are as a learner and a designer as well as how the things you have experienced over the past nine months have affected your current aims and ambitions. You should also identify creative concerns, personal aims and professional ambitions that you intend to explore further over the Summer and during level 6 of the programme.

Further Information 

Your own personal development as an individual and as a designer is affected by all aspects of your life. This is an opportunity to reflect on the experiences from the past ninemonths that have informed the decisions that you have made/are making about your future development.

The ability to reflect upon your personal development can help you to gain confidence in your abilities as well as identify areas of strength, focus, ambition and improvement.

What have you learned and what do you want to learn? What mistakes have you made and how have you learned from them? How will this affect your future development? What are your strengths and how have you/will you develop them further? What are your weaknesses and how do you intend to address these? What have you enjoyed and why? What have you disliked and why? How does this affect your ambitions? What did you want to get from the year? Have you achieved this? What have you discovered that you weren’t expecting?


Your presentation should last 8 minutes and allow 2 minutes for questions to be asked (you will be penalised for a presentation that is shorter or longer than this).

Although the content, tone and conclusions of this reflective process should reflect your own experiences, personality and ambitions, you should aim to focus on the learning journey and how this has informed the decisions that you are making about your future. To this end you should use examples of your own work, creative skills and interest in the contemporary field of design as part of your presentation.

You should be prepared to answer question on your presentation posed by your colleagues.


1 x 8 -10 minute Powerpoint presentation. Evidence of critical engagement with personally relevant contemporary design practice in the form of a blog.


31st May 2013

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Study Task 7: Samples of Work

John has made it clear that it is important to make yourself recognisable and how to keep yourself in there and remembered by other designers. This is important as without knowing who you are talking to and how to present yourself to them visually you will not be remembered or recognised for the work that you produce.


Based on the exercises, feedback and discussion in the module so far:

Identify document and evaluate a minimum of 10 examples of professional designer's and/or design studios who have used a range of media and formats to distribute samples of their work. You should aim to select a range of examples using a range of media. Produce a SWOT analysis of each example in order to analysis its relative merits and effectiveness as a promotional tool or strategy.


Charlotte Olsen

Oslo based Charlotte Oslen, Graphic designer has produced this extremely innovative way of promoting herself with this unique concept of '100% Raw Talent'. She promotes herself with a bar of chocolate this is very clever and unique way to promote oneself which is ultimately very memorable the key to any promotional work.


Innovative and original concept which will no doubt impress the recipient!
A clear aim and target audience 
Well crafted demonstrating her skills as a graphic designer 
Shows that she is excellent at communictor
The chocolate bar has solid concept

It is temporary which is the main problem with this concept as a promotional item, if the audience were to eat the chocolate and open the package her promotional information is then destroyed and furthermore potentially forgotten about, they will remember the idea will they remember her name?


Can only been produced in small production runs


Real opportunity to stand out from the crowd as it will no doubt be appreciated and recognised as her work.


Sean O'brien 

Graphic designer based in Bristol specialising in logo design and branding.


Eye catching and memorable.
The style reflects the humorous side of his personality.
The interaction and very nature of the large box means that it can't be ignored. 

The size may cost loads to post, especially if you wanted to send these abroad would be a lot. 
Some employers might be put off with the box as they might find it gimmicky.

This pushes the boundaries in the normal format. 


It might be considered gimmicky


Passport Branding

Passport is a young and independent design bureau founded by Jonathan Finch & Rosalind Stoughton, based in Leeds.Certain destinations and international design culture have informed and influenced our practice which is centred around print-based design for branding, identity and publications.

As the name Passport suggests, travel is a large source of inspiration for us. Where you are born; where you grow up; where you study; where you work; where you visit affects everything from choice of colour to application of type – and we like that. Our branded stationery needed to reflect all of these interests. We wanted it to feel classic but contemporary, formal yet approachable, whilst taking care to present a close attention to detail that we pride our work on. The printed collateral includes personal photography collected from our travels to add a strong, individual element to the identity. Website designed by Passport, and built by Refresh Interactive to include 2 x desktop versions for different resolutions, iPad version & mobile version.


The visuals of the cv reflect the name of the studio so it instantly becomes more memorable, especially when the format is so unusual.


The size may cost loads to post, especially if you wanted to send these abroad would be a lot.


This pushes the boundaries in the normal format.


How many times can they produce the material?


Two Times Elliot 

Two Times Elliott is a design consultancy based in Notting Hill, London. Two Times Elliott produce a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines including print design, identity and web. We help our clients communicate their message clearly and intelligently.


The postcards work as a set so that when brought together spell out the name of the studio. 
Bright and colourful / eye catching.
You could repeatedly send the postcards to the same company and create intrigue. 
Reflects the style of the work of the studio 


This is just a postcard which acts essentially as a larger business card. 
It may take time to send the postcards, you will have to plan it very well for it to spell out the name of the studio.


Memorable to employers 
Af un way to engage the interests of the studio


Possibility that the format could put people off if they really do have no where to put the larger size of card.