Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Print Festival

Today I attended the print festival, I had a really good time and I picked up some Robbie Porter stuff whilst I was there!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

100 Things/ Evaluation, Focus, Development


What is the problem?

From my 'How to brief' I focused my research over the area of business cards. My research covered a broad area but in the end I found the foreign business customs and etiquettes the most interesting. I carried out a few surveys and I found out that not many people knew about these customs so I set myself the problem of communicating these ideas in a visual and informative way.

What subject/area of study are you focusing on?

I am focusing on the area of foreign business customs and etiquettes as my primary areas of research. This also includes the different gestures and body language you have to perform whilst handing over a business card. I have researched into the history of business card exchanges too because of the countries who have strict customs take pride in their traditions and ancestry.

To what depth are you investigating this area/subject? Is this sufficient?

I have investigated a great deal into my subject as I have done a broad range of research that all tie into my subject matter. I have also carried out surveys to find out the audience and purpsose of my research because I wanted to know what people need and want to know. My investigations all had a purpose so I could get the best out of my project. I felt that I needed a sufficient amount of knowledge to fully understand my subject matter.

What is the form and amount of research to date?

The research I have collected varies from the early days of mood boards and mind maps to lists of a hundred words that tie into my subject matter. I also looked into a wide range of images of business cards that were aesthetically pleasing, interactive or both. I then broadened my research into facts and figures as well as historical references that I found very interesting. I wanted to find some primary information too so I carried out two surveys to try and find out some statistics and opinions about business cards.

What visual material do you have to work with?

I had a 100 images of aesthetically pleasing business card design that I found useful to work with. I also produced some mood boards that included thumbnails and imagery that was the type of style and aesthetics I wanted to achieve. The project was based around information so I did quite a bit of research into effective information graphics so I knew the levels of skill that was out there. This pushed me because I wanted my work to be at a good standard.

Is there an appropriate amount of work for the time you have had to develop it? 

Yes I think I have used my time well, especially in the last two weeks of the designing stage. I do however think the first few weeks after christmas were some what slow and I did not fully understand the categorisation process because I feel that I havnt moved my work on that much from my original research where as others have gone in completely different directions. I think I may have played it too safe in that sense of things. I do however think my research has formed the basis of my project and my consept has worked really well. I did wish to book bind or look into business card holder designs but I did not think my skill or knowledge of those areas was strong enough to do my ideas justice in the time frame I had.

If there isn't why is this? How could you improve your work rate?

I just stated that I did not have time to do certain ideas justice, in the future I think I would push myself out of my comfort zone and time manage my learning time by attending drop ins or workshops for example book binding. I also think the documenting stage of my blogging was slightly weakened by the amount of design I had to do but I still managed to get it all done to a level I am happy with.

What is your timescale? Deadline?

I have to get everything printed the 8th by that is the deadline.

What is achievable in the time available?

I have produced a map, a timeline, 6 revision cards, CD and a Cd case. The time left is to add the finishing touches, photograph them and blog them. I also want to print them to a good standard.

What methods are you using to evaluate the progress of your ideas?

I am taking part in group crit over the next week and I will be asking my peers for their advice. I will be blogging my work as I go a long so people can see what I am up to as I go along. I also feel that I have evaluated my work as I go along because I know the standard I want to achieve.


What are you identifying as areas worth developing further?

I have identified areas such as type, layout and colour to help me develop further. I want my work to look and work well to a good standard and developing these areas will give my work that edge.

What are you trying to communicate?

 I am trying to communicate and educate foreign business customs and etiquettes and the history of business cards.

What audience have you identified? Who are they?

My designs look quite corporate so my audience would be for businesses and individuals who are wanting to move their work and business networks abroad. My designs will be sent out to these companies who are new and want information on how to perform and behave to the best standards in different business situations.

What problems have you identified?

I have identified that not a lot of people know that these customs exist. I need to design something that informs these issues in a interesting and logical way.

How do you intend to do this?

I have produced a pocket/transportable sized map and timeline that come with revison cards and a DVD. This means that these products can be taken away on a business trip so they can be taken out at anytime and revised.

What further research does this require?

I feel that I have got all my research so I dont feel I need to develop this part because of my time scale and focus may be put off.


Have you moved on from your initial starting point, if so how and why?

I dont feel I have moved on completely from my starting point. My group how to project was about traveling businessmen and I struggled with understand categorising and did not have the confidence at the time to go off track because it made more sense for me to carry on something. I didnt completely stay in the same field because I moved on to business card customs. The reasons why I moved it on was due to the broad research I collected over a period of time. I feel this has really helped me with my ideas and despite it not being an obvious choice of subject I think it has pushed me to look into something I dont know much about.

What methods are you using to document this development?

I am using my blog and mood board sheets to document my findings.

What processes will you need to use to develop your work?

I will need to use a various design sheets to get my ideas finalised as well as ask for other peoples opinions when developing my finals. I will attend crits to get full feedback too.

Do these processes require workshop access?

I dont think so no. I feel like I have everything under control and I will be using the digital print room.

When do you intend to access these workshops?

I will only access them if I need them. The things I do need to access is time slots for printing and getting a space in the studio to work in.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

What is Graphic design - Part 1 - Task

As a blog group we are going to look into 2 main categories. These include...

  • Magazines
  • Books

Within these we outlined 10 subcategories together.Then individually we volunteered to research 5 Subcategories each, but they had to include all 3 subcategories. 

I have to research into...

Magazines - Music and Film
Book publishing - History and Art

Music Magazines

Pop Rock and Metal 

Alternative music

Classic Rock

Music collectors 

Heavy Metal 

Indie Music

R&B Music

Classical music

Jazz music

Electronic Music

Film Magazines

Blockbuster movies

Indie movies

Horror movies

Musical movie/theatre magazine

Film festival magazine

Film previews magazine

Sci fi film magazine

Independent film magazine

Film maker magazine

Film interviews/previews

History Books

Medieval History book

Art history book

British History book

Car History book

Film history book

Football history book

Science History book

Technology history book

Photography history book

History of food book

Art books

Modern art book

Pop art book

Screen printing Art book

Street art book

Comic book art book

Art of sculpture book

Famous paintings book

Poster art book

Religious Art book

Installation Art book

Friday, 20 January 2012

Problem Analysis - Rational

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Public Domain Design