Monday, 28 January 2013

Presentation Notes

Tomorrow we have our presentations for Life's a pitch. We wanted to keep our simple and easy to understand. However all of us are quite nervous standing up in front of people and talking, not wanting to look like a rabbit in headlights we decided to make short notes for each slide to prompt us. Unfortunately Luke can't be here tomorrow, but he did help us make the presentation. 

Here are our notes for each slide:

Slide 1 (Lisa)

- We are over+out

- We came together as a group of people wanting to set up a business and learn a new print technique. 

- We each had a different strength, Tani is good with packaging and materials, Luke is very aware of current affairs, I'm good with organisation and time management and Eve is good at social networking and following current trends.

Slide 1 (Eve)

- We put together our logo collectively, beginning my creating our own design boards individually and bringing our idea's together we spent a day in the studio to play about with different concepts in order to create a finished logo. It is based on the main idea's encircling screen printing, the layers of our different interests and the concept of printing over objects and materials and knocking out.

Slide 2 (Tanida)

- This is our mission statement, it is something that we put together collaboratively and all believe in...
We believe in sustainable design and the process of exploration through image making and found objects.

Slide 3 (Lisa)

- As a company we wanted to explore a new printing technique. We chose screen printing as it is cost effective and very versatile. The process gives us the opportunity to express ourselves through image making and the facilities at Leeds College of Art give us the opportunity to explore and learn a new skill.

Slide 4 (Tani)

- We are a group of young creatives with individual idea's and designs that work both collaboratively and as individuals. 

- We are a business who is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual, social, economic, and cultural benefit.

Slide 5 (Lisa)

- We hope to run quarterly pop-up shops, every three months we will sell our collaborative and individual prints at these events.

- Here we will be selling items like; posters, zines, clothing and prints on any unusual objects that we may have found. The key thing about our business is that we print onto found and recycling objects. 

- In between running these pop-up shops we will create income by running screen print workshops where people come for half day sessions in learning the basics of screen printing. This will provide a more consistent income than the pop-up shop events. As well as this we will be selling work on our online website all year round.

Slide 6 (Eve)

- Primarily we aim to target our designs at young creatives, collectors and print geeks.

- We have chosen to target this market because they have similar interests and the same passion about print as we do.

- Similar events are often run in Leeds that cater for this audience and so we are confident of the interest. However we are unique in the fact that we print onto found objects.

Slide 7 (Tani)

- We visited the corn exchange in Leeds and spoke to Village about how they set up their own business. He talked about how it took 1 year to set up the company etc and went through some basic facts with us. We also looking into running our own pop-up shop events here at the corn exchange, we found out that it is often free to rent a space so long as you provide promotion for the corn exchange. The process was easy to go through however we need some of our own work before pitching the idea to the 'management office'.

Slide 8 (Eve)

- We have visited a number of print events ranging from launches of zines to print fairs over recent weeks.

Slide 9: (Lisa)

- We will promote ourselves mainly through print as our company is based around print itself. However we will run our own website where people can purchase our prints all year round and a twitter page for promotion where we will announce new events, recent updates, class dates etc. 

- Our printed promotional items will all be slightly unique to carry the same essence as our company values. So for example we will print the content of a leaflet onto different found materials.

Slide 10: (Eve)

- Initially we sat down and wrote a list of everything we would need to set up a business and studio space. We had to incorporate rent and bills as well as physical objects. Just a few are listed here on the board. What was most shocking was jsut how much everything accumulates to...

Slide 11: (Tani)

- We have looked briefly into getting business loans through in order to set up our business from scratch. Obviously this would not cover the full £60,000 cost. However it would give us enough to set up the essentials in order to gain an income.

Slide 12: (Lisa)

- In 1 years time we hope to have created some interest and publicity for ourselves. We will promote the company by running pop-up shop events. As well as this we hope to have a fully functioning website and news updates running on our twitter page in this time.

Slide 12: (Eve)

- In the next 5 years we would like to have a studio space with three rooms, one for a small shop, one for printing/workshops and one for drying/storing. We would also like to be collaborating with other creative and designs with a similar interest to us in order to gain a profit.

Slide 13 + 14 (Tani)

- End Transmission

- Thankyou for listening. Are there any questions?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Life's a pitch: Village Trip

On Friday the 11th of January 2013, We've decided to take a mini trip down to Corn Exchange, Leeds- In order to visit a newly open store called 'Village'.

Village is a new independent art bookstore and publishing house coming to central Leeds in early 2012, specialising in self-published zines from local and international artists, as well as selected art, design, fashion and photography books and magazines from established and independent publishers.

We aim to bring art to Leeds high-street and develop a strong artistic community by providing expos…ure for local artists, hosting events and supporting and building relationships between art projects in the city.Village is committed to making great art from a variety of disciplines accessible to any and all residents and visitors of the city by providing an environment that is welcoming and unpretentious where anyone can discover work from emerging artists and take home artwork in a physical and affordable format.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Over+Out: Group Meeting

This morning we have sat down together as a group and had a brief discussion about arranging a location for our pop-up shop. We have agreed to meet at the train station at 10.30am prompt tomorrow and head into town to a couple of the locations we have research to discuss with the venues whether their location would be appropriate for our thoughts and proposed idea's. I am hoping to get some great responses from this and be able to move forward with the group brief.

Over + Out Research

For Stephen Burks' craft-based display stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, promotional material and a structure in which to display objects was needed.

The proposed solution came as a set of posters and boxes. Ikea boxes and mirrored mylar were silk-screened with different New Readymade Project’s products. The multi-layered silkscreening enhanced the idea of being craft-based.

The posters could be sold as limited edition prints and the boxes could be used to form stands and later flattened to be given away.