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I had been meaning to send an email / self promo to Fieldwork all year since I saw their Volume 1 : A guide to making things project which they collaborated with Hey Studio with.

During Christmas time I attempted to contact them however I never received a message. However I didn't give up there, during Easter I updated my portfolio and sent them a PDF of my work with a message titled. 


it read...

Dear Loz and Andy

I am Eve, a Leeds based graphic design student soon to graduate in June.

Manchester seems to be a really exciting place at the moment due to the likes of the recent BCNMCR event and Design Manchester that I attended late last year. Great stuff like this has confirmed to me that staying up north is the best next option.

I really admire the work you create at Fieldwork therefore I am contacting you to ask about possible placements and internships. You can find samples of my work in the PDF attached.

I got a reply!

I was later that week pleased to get a reply offering me a possible placement during the summer. They also invited me to their to studio to show my portfolio. I was so pleased as they do some great work, plus they are a brand new studio so they are fresh and excited to do good work.

About Fieldwork

We love making things, collaborating, identifying interesting problems and figuring out what we can build to help solve them. Above all, we like to keep it simple and do it well.

If you were to visit our studio right now, you’d probably find us tinkering away with something, making things with pixels, wires or paper. This is what we love doing, and we pour that energy and excitement into every project we undertake.

Fieldwork was founded in 2012 by Loz Ives and Andy Gott, a pair of experienced makers, drawn together by a mutual desire to produce things that help organisations further their work.

Our Approach

We build things with you, collaboratively, to support and enhance the work that you do. Combining your knowledge of your organisation and its work, with our experience and design process, we produce things that have real impact.

The best way to explore possibilities and generate new ideas, is to get started. Less talking, more doing. We start sketching and prototyping at the very beginning.

Things we’re good at

We’re a focused team of makers and do-ers who specialise in crafting engaging experiences across digital, web and brand.

With a strong network of talented collaborators from a range of disciplines, we can adapt according to specific requirements for a wide variety of projects.

Whether it’s a big, intricate digital platform for a large organisation, or a simple project for a small start-up, we have the experience and network to do it well.

Project of interest


Volume 1 : A Guide to Making Things

Collaboration with Hey Studio
You can see the web version here :

1. Keep it simple, do it well

There’s nothing more satisfying than making something well, and in a world filling up with stuff, attention to detail matters more than ever. By keeping it simple we can make room to breathe, step back, and focus on the quality of the things we produce.

2. Be better, not bigger

There’s an incredible breadth and depth of value in the things that people do, immeasurable in terms of money, attention, likes or followers. This is why we love what we do. Focus on being better, and work with people who value their craft.

3. Always be tinkering

Be interested in the way things work, intrigued by the world around us, and unafraid to play with new technologies. Tinkering seeds new ideas and inspires exciting projects. Make something. Anything. Or take something apart to find out what’s inside.

4. Be adventurous

We’re lucky. We spend our time making stuff, which gives us the same thrill we had as children, cutting things out, sticking things together, and making circuit boards with switches and lightbulbs. Part of that feeling comes from learning new things and experimenting. Let’s keep pushing.

5. Be open, share ideas and resources

Build communities of makers for greater impact. Share ideas, contribute resources, publish our learnings, have conversations and inspire others. There’s a lot of making to be done. Support our fellow makers.

6. Make friends and collaborate

Two brains are better than one. Three brains are better still. We make better things by working with talented people who reinterpret our ideas in ways we could never have imagined. Make some new friends, or look up some old ones, and dream up a collaborative project.


Nothing is perfect, so let’s accept that and make version one. And then version two. Each iteration is an experiment — prod, poke, and learn. Start at the beginning, not at the end.

Make stuff to change the world (even just a little bit)

Imagine if every child finished school inspired to go out into the world and make something to improve our situation. It doesn’t have to be big, just moving a tiny part of the world a tiny part of the way is enough, if we’re all inspired to do it. This starts with us. Let’s get to work. Let’s excite and inspire.

Fieldwork Branding

We love our client work, but our in-house projects are also an important part of what we do. We developed our own identity with an eye on both sides of Fieldwork.


TILT design enabling spaces, creating inspiring atmospheres that transform the way people interact with each other. They de-mystify architecture and design to make refreshing spaces that complement the purpose and personality of the people that use them.

Camp Nothing

In September 2013 Camp Nothing brought together 50 people from 15 cities across the UK to kickstart new Good for Nothing chapters, spreading the social-innovation bug far and wide.

Carbon Co-op

Carbon Co-op are a groundbreaking group of residents and housing experts who are pioneering a new model for making homes in Greater Manchester more energy efficient.


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