Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dialogue exhibition

Would we do this again? HELL YES

The exhibition and project has been a huge success and one which both Nathan and myself are really proud of. Undertaking something of this size would never have been possible without doing it with Nathan and I think that we have really worked well together.

We both share the same love and understanding of print, along with the same ideas of what we wanted to produce. This helped us push the project further than what we imagined making us deliver a a successful exhibition. I believe that Dialogue proved to the wider community what is possible - not to mention what can be done on a limited student budget. It also proved to ourselves that we are capable of pushing the boat out.

I have really enjoyed the whole process of this project. Curating and screen printing work to be put on display has always been an interest of mine and being able to combine it with other areas of design which I really enjoyed brought together a great project for both Nathan and myself.

For the future we have both agreed that we would love to carry on the project and still work under the name 'Yoke'. The concept which we created for this exhibition, has a great way of developing into a series of exhibitions, as we can run it in the same way but change the theme each time. Now we have done the first one, we know what to do and what not to do next time, also having all the resources and materials from this one will be good to reuse for future ones. I think by doing this, we have created an audience for it and possibly interests from people that could help us further.

We are both planning in staying up North after uni and getting jobs, so this could be something we do outside of our jobs. I think things like this need to be present in the North, especially Leeds as there isn't that much going on in terms of what we did. We have spoke to Amber about being apart of Leeds Print Festival next year, which would be great if that did happen.

I think for the time being we have both agreed that we want to carry on the project and do future projects and exhibitions. At the minute finishing uni is our priority, but after that I think we just take it by ear and see what happens. This has been a great first stepping stone and just the start of something great.


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