Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fieldwork : Studio Visit

The studio

The studio visit to Fieldwork was a great success. They are based on Lever Street, which appears to be the creative haven of central Manchester as Music, Modern Designers an Mark are all on that street. The studio itself was light and airy, full of books, design sheets and a wonderful wall moral. I was invited to sit and talk to Loz for an hour, who I can my portfolio through with.

He was kind enough to call over people in the studio to look at my work, especially pieces he really liked. He came across as a sound genuine guy who basically confirmed that I was going to be ok. He  offered me a two month paid internship starting the 30th of June. However he made it clear that he was unable to hirer me afterwards due to them being a small studio. Despite this he said he would help me find a job and introduce me to a few people and get me involved in a few side projects of theirs.


Loz was also kind enough to give me a copy of Volumes 1 : A guide to Making Things that they collaborated with Hey Studio with. I was over the moon to receive one of these after seeing them everywhere all over design blogs.


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