Friday, 23 November 2012

Life is a pitch : Meeting 1

Over the last week our class has split up into various groups for our life is a pitch brief. My group consists of Luke, Lisa and Tanida. We are a group of laid back people who want to have some fun with this brief and yesterday we met up for a meeting at the end of college.

The previous evening I put together a small presentation of ideas to show to my group as a starting point. I was aware that everyone was interested in learning a new skill and putting to use our skills in a craft. Tanida especially is very good at packaging and Luke has previous experience of screen printing.

5x Services that we are providing:

Approaching indie bands and music promotions
Club/ Bar Promotions in Leeds
Zines focus on Politic and Art in Leeds
Designing one-off artworks that are sustainability and recycling materials.
Promotion packs for events in Leeds, Independent Night.

Our discussion:

Less digital, more experimental
Craft/ Craftsmanship
Martin's book- Screen Print, Images [Manchester College of Art]
Screen print / Laser cut
Materials and Cardboards
Finding rubbish to print on
One-Off piece
Pop Up Shop
Donation of unwanted
Business- 'Invest into something, invest into business'
Gather free materials
Not clothing specific, we are a range
Target Market: Young Adult, Interested in Art, Sustainability and Recycling
Also, people who are interesting in being individual/ one of a kind
Competitions: Other groups, Art & Craft people and Other clothing boutiques in Leeds
Products: Original Artworks, Furniture, Clothing, Zines and many more
Context: Galleries, Cafe, House Opening etc.
Our production plan: Every Friday Morning for Printing time
Every Other Thursday evening- Preparation time for screens and other, this will also be swapping swifts in pair.
Element of unexpected outcomes
Flat-Pack Furniture
Direction toward the format more than content.
Craft elements
Continue change- rotate every certain months
Context: Fairs- Book fair/ Art & Craft fairs, Pop Up Shop, Website- Etsy?
Handmade, not mass produce
Surprise- Our purpose
Charity shops
Vinyl and Vinyl Covers/ Sleeves
Selling it
More fun
Recycle the screen
Arty, Fashionable and Original
Not a chore, no hassle
Artists of Designer World
" We make shit good! We make good shit! " Luke

Preparation for Monday...

Name ideas in order for us to vote which is the best and bring some ideal materials to share with the group.

Final Idea

We will be screen printed onto different found / donated objects. These will then be sold on in a pop up shop and regular events. The pop-up shop will appear in various different locations across Leeds. We wanted to focus our business on recycling old products, as this also meant ti would be cheaper to run as we would not need to invest into elements of the company first.

The pop up shop would also be created at a really low budget using flat pack cardboard furniture to display our items that we have also created ourselves and screen printed onto.


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