Tuesday, 11 February 2014

PPP : My Manifesto

My Manifesto February 2014

Today I presented my manifesto to half the year group with fead back from John and Brain. Looking back on past presentations I have presented very formal / cleanly laid out slides which made me decide to change things up a little.

A manifesto is meant to be quite personal, there I put together my slides based on a hand drawn list I photographed on note paper from my personal note book on some vibrant orange paper. In affect the presentation looked like a short stop motion as I flicked through the slides and elaborated further on each of my points.

Below are some quick photos I took & used in my presentation.

My Manifesto

1. Whatever you think you are, be a person first

2. Get out of your bubble

3. Be genuine - People know when your faking it 

4. Keep and open mind

5. Make friends, not contacts

6. Get involved

7. Make plans

8. Reward, compensate and credit your collaborators 

9. Approach people, if you don't ask you don't get

10. Reply to emails, even if just to acknowledge having read and appreciated it

11. The internet is both fleeting and permanent so watch out

12. Embrace technology - it is great aid.

13. Don't be afraid to fail - embrace mistakes

14. Don't be too serious - our job is meant to be fun

15. Dyslexia is not a disadvantage - It has it's quirks

16. Progress! Revive! Look forward at techy savy advancements however it is important to look back and renewal past traditions to add humanity and authenticity to work - FranklinTill

17. Design is a reference based practice

18. Don't pressure yourself to be original

19. You are always a child of your time - you can't step out of that. 
- Wim Crouwel

20. KNOW YOUR WORTH - People can take advantage

21. Work hard and be nice to people - Anthony Burrell


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