Friday, 1 February 2013

Final Over + Out Presentation

Last Friday, we sat down as a group to make our presentation ready for the group presentations this Tuesday which were being assessed by John and Andy. Initially we only thought this would take 1/2 hours as we have also had another 3 deadlines this week and so our workload is pretty high, however it ended up taking a whole 6 hours to prepare the presentations making sure all measurements and pixels were lined up exact as we wanted a professional approach to the slides.

Initially we decided to reduce the amount of text on each slide, as we wanted to audience to listen to what we were staying and not get distracted by the slides on the screen, and so on many slides we created 'word lists' that related exactly to what we were talking about. This approach seemed to work and we all really liked it so we kept the design and structure consistent by using it all throughout the design.

Overall I was really pleased with the presentation, I thought we were professional and confident, and the feedback was also really positive, the only major thing that was highlighted by both John and Andy was that we used cards to read from, as did many of the other groups. Ideally we would have liked to just used the slides themselves as pointers and talk fluently about our company, however we had a lot to remember for each slide, and with limited time to rehearse with all our other deadlines in the same week, without our que cards I feel the presentation would have been lacking in confidence.


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