Sunday, 18 September 2011

Level 4 Aspirations

My personal aspirations for the next year are a mixture of things that involve the BA Graphic Design course, as well as my own targets that I wont to achieve outside university.

1. Make good friends.
2. Learn to stand on my own two feet as this is the first time I have lived away from home.
3. Budget my money.
4. Create a broad range of work to add to my current portfolio.
5. Learn to tackle difficult briefs.
6. Work to a strict time scale.
7. Learn to present my work confidently to a mixture of people, for example fellow peers and clients.
8.  Pass my driving test by the end of the year.
9.  Expand my knowledge on the latest design software.
10. Experiment and expand my skills with different mediums.

Secondly, the class got put into blog groups. We shared our personal aspirations with one another and then went on to create a list of targets that we all shared and felt were most relevant as a group.

1. Learn/develop new/existing techniques, such as screen printing.
2. Develop time management/deadline skills.
3. To learn how to present confidently.
4. Improve our skills when working with both new software and those we are already familiar with.
5. Develop good financial management.
6. Make new friends/ those who we can collaborate with in the future.
7. Learn professional practices/legality for producing design in a commercial market.
8. Broaden the style and quantity of work in our portfolio in order to improve preparation  for interviews/searches for internships.
9. Keep an up to date blog.
10. Research/become aware of designers to see how they can influence our own style of work. 


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