Sunday, 21 October 2012

Industrial Experience

10 Personal Questions 

1. How do you approach a printer when you have no previous knowledge of what you are printing?
2. How do you set up your own studio?
3. How do you present your portfolio to a potential employer?
4. What do employer expect from you when you apply for a job?
5. What are the best places to print and buy stock from that do good student rates?
6. What companies/studios are good to intern with?
7. How can I afford to do a free intern?
8. How can I go about getting an internship over seas?
9. How do I manage my money when setting up a studio?
10. How can I brand myself?

Group Questions

1. How do you present your portfolio to a potential employer?
2. How do you manage your client base, pricing? Too many jobs? The right jobs?
3. Would studio visits/interns help gain a realistic experience in the industry?
4. How do you go about gaining an intern or job opportunity over seas?
5. What is the best way of gaining contacts / promoting yourself? Online or visiting studios?

Class Questions

1. How do you present your portfolio?
2. What mistakes do people make?
3. What is the best way to contact people?
4. How do you make the most of it?
5. How do you get it? (overseas)
6. How do you charge / get paid?
7. Big or small?
8. What is expected from you?

How do you get...

1. Internships
2. Freelance
3. Live briefs
4. Financial  guidance 
5. Networking
6. Portfolio
7. Visiting studio/printers
8. Trade events
9. Exhibitions
10. Research

How do you get it?

1. Direct contact
2. Requesting samples
3. Tailoring portfolios
4. Create Networks
5. Professional Networks
6. Appropriate places
7. Ask for feedback
8. Confident and professional

What can you get from...

1.  Clear design practice
2. A different perspective on your ambitions / opportunities
3. Confidence in your professional self
4. Contacts (in) fame
5. Learning from mistakes
6. A job
7. Enjoyment - The buzz
8. Skills development

What do you need to get it?

1. Commitment
2. Confidence / professionalism
3. A portfolio of work
4. Sample of work
5. Online presence
6. Knowledge of the company
7. Design / identity
8. Business cards
9. CV


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