Sunday, 27 May 2012

Speaking from Experience

I wanted to the put the poster into context, so I have photoshopped it into an office/studio near a workspace. I am unable to print the poster/stickers so I thought the best way of presenting it was to show it in context. The main reason I was unable to print was the size of the poster. In the future I may try and print it and use it for myself. I can see it working really well for me because I have a big work load.

This is what the stickers will look like in a packet. They come in the same range of colours as the target. If this product existed I would sell the stickers in the college shop, so people can keep topping up for their tasks and lists.

I have finalised my sticker designs to match the colour coding of my poster. I have made a box for students to write there to do task on, there is plenty of room to do this and I feel that tasks are better to tackle when broken down. 

I have improved the poster and placed the key at the bottom. It looks cleaner and does not distract the main design of the target.

I have finalised the arrow sticker I intend to use for the to do task sticker pack. I chose to put the text box here because it looks cleaner and there is more room to write on that part of the arrow shape. I want to produce a range of colours to help students/designers break up their to do's. In my research I read that if you break them up, they are quicker and easier to do. Once you have done them, you feel satisfied by sticking the arrow on the target.

I am trying to figure out where I can put my text box on my arrow. The shape if difficult to work with and the white space does not look right on this idea.

I have started work on my arrows that I want to make into stickers. I am working on a classic arrow shape but I want it to look more rounded and friendly.

I am trying to figure out how to explain the sectors of the Target. I want to layout a colour coded key because I think the number idea below are messy a clog up the page.

This doesnt not work either, the placement of the number 4 is really distracting.

I am numbering the sectors of the target because I want to make a key that explains the design cycle. I am unsure if this works well. I may try a different layout or even colour coding.

I have begun designing the target for my poster. I have chosen these colours because they are fun and fresh, and sometimes work loads can be over whelm you so I think something happy and fresh may help.


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