Sunday, 11 December 2011

Context of practice 3 - Favourite designers

The task is to consider my favourite designers (both genders), creatives and agencies and write a long list as possible of their names. Even research new ones as applicable.

When I first started to do this task I could not think of many female designers/admirations. I mostly knew of male admirations and this made me sad because I aspire to be a female designer. I decided to post my concerns on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook. I had a interesting response because I and a few others felt that design should not be genderised.

On my blog people commented with statements like:

"The problem is referring to over half the population as ‘females’ rather than just focusing on the design work." 

"I think you need to point out (perhaps on your blog if not in person) that by saying only ‘female’ and ‘male’ designers"

"Putting a gender on design and that’s stupid. Design is a thing, it doesn’t need a gender assigned to it"

"Have people just thrown out everyone else who doesn’t conform to the gender binary. What about transgendered deisngers? Queer designers and those who just don’t know yet?"

"What you should be focused on as a designer is the work involved and not whether or not some is a uterus owning person or a penis owning person."

My Facebook comments introduced me to new designers

My List so far...

Mike Perry
Mark Weaver
Luke Beard
Kate Moross
Rob Ryan
John Dilnot
Norma Bar
The Church Of London
EE Storey
Gilbert and George
Paul Rand
Saul Bass
Peter Saville
Oh Comely Magazine design team
Blast studio
Julien Valle
Sarah Young
Kate Prior
Vivienne Westwood
Studio Emmi
Julia Potts
Jessica Hische 


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