Saturday, 29 October 2011

Alphabet Soup Typeface Crit

The brief for this project involved designing an alphabet for another persons personality.  The criting system for this two week brief changed from the last so therefor we were put into small groups to talk about our ideas at the end of week one. In my crit a lot of people were struggeling to define their partners characters because we all had to work from a questionaire that no one felt was very useful. I had some away from the personality of my mine partner and was making a typeface that either illustrated his happiest in the park with his friends or tried to show openmindedness that he expressed in the interview. I like others felt lost and ened up decorating letters instead of experimenting with the type anatomy. 

For the final crit at the end of the two weeks, the class were split into two large groups where all of the alphabets were stuck on the studio wall with each partners next to one another vertically. Then in pairs we were asked to present what we thought the meaning of eachothers alphabet was and did it communicate eachothers personlities. This soon lead on to a group discussion about how successful the work was.

My alphabet I designed for Luke went down really well and I dont think I had much feadback that made me think I had to go away and improve it. The class liked the 3D cube name badge I designed for Luke because it went with the net theme I illustrated in the alphabet about open mindedness and thinking outside of the box.  


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